John Deere 310K Backhoe
JCB3CX Backhoe
John Deere 310K Backhoe

Modelhpoperating weight (lbs.)dump height (ft.)loader lifting capacity (lbs.)dig depth (ft.)bucket size (cu. yds.)
JCB3CX / JD3108814,4338'10"6,60014'3"1.25
JD310SK / JD4109614,7088'10"7,35314'6"1.5

Why run two machines when one will do? The 310L Backhoe is one of our most versatile backhoes ever, with a rugged EPA Final Tier 4 Stage IV PowerTechâ„¢ Plus diesel engine, gear changes on the go, and an optional limited-slip mechanical-front-wheel drive. The redesigned pilot tower gives more legroom and space to rotate to keep your productivity maximized.